Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Airplane Number 4

Norman Bel Geddes was an industrial designer who flourished between the wars. He is
well known for his theater designs and his handsome and collectable cocktail shakers, cook stoves, radios, Deco window displays, butcher scales, &c. ....But my favorites are the great visionary projects - the teardrop double decker bus, the tear drop car, the streamlined railroad train, , the factory for Toledo Scale Co, the restaurants, one on a tower, one in a dam, the streamlined ship the floating dance palace, the model of the city of the future in the GM exhibit of the 1940 New York World's Fair. a number of swoopy theaters, the floating airport at the tip of Manhattan. When I was a child I found a copy of his wonderful book, Horizons, in my parents library. I would stare at this great stuff for hours. It is still one of my favorite possessions.

Ahhhhhh so cool.

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