Thursday, October 25, 2007

Today I played Super Mario Galaxy

Ever since Super Mario 64 I've been waiting for the next true Mario game. I've easily put more time into Super Mario 64 any other game I've ever played. While I thoroughly enjoyed Super Mario Sunshine and New Super Mario Bros, they just couldn't capture the charm and the depth of Super Mario 64.

Today I got to play Super Mario Galaxy, the game I've been waiting for, for about 45 minutes. Not only is it totally beautiful, but the perfect controls from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine are back, to make this some of the best 45 minutes I've ever spent with a video game. Everything moves at such a smooth pace. It feels like you're always doing something really cool.

It just had that classic Mario feel.

And gahhhhhhdsADFHJGSK. Just so good. I wish I could have it now, but I have to wait until the 12th or 13th of November.

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